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About us

ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ MONTAŽA IZOLAK d.o.o. originated from a special sector, the group “Đuro Đaković” or Đuro Đaković Montaža d.d., which was formed in the sixties of the last century and specialized in insulation works. In its current form, ĐURO ĐAKOVIĆ MONTAŽA IZOLAK d.o.o. has a 100% private ownership structure and it has been in business since 1994. .

Our material resources, professional and human resources, modern means of work, and the experience we have gained at more than 70 construction sites around the world, guarantee that we are ready to respond even to the most demanding tasks that are set before us, which ranks us among the leading companies in Croatia in our line of work.

Currently, the company ĐĐ Montaža Izolak employs 100 full-time employees. For larger facilities, if needed, we can provide additional 200 employees through our partner companies.

Consent of the Ministry of Construction and Physical Planning

ĐĐ MI is a company for:

Design, manufacture and installation of fire, sound and thermal insulation
Execution of anti-corrosion and fire protection on structures
Execution of all types of walls on equipment and industrial plants
Facade cladding of buildings

SCC certificate**: 2011

In order to increase the safety and health of our employees, our company has conducted a certification procedure according to the requirements of the SCC**: 2011 standard. In this way, we strive to increase the safety of our employees and ensure the reduction of indirect expenditures incurring due to poor working conditions. Moreover, we have increased our competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets. In this way, we continued to invest in quality, health and safety, as well as in environmental protection. Na ovaj način nastavili smo sa ulaganjem u kvalitetu, zaštitu zdravlja i sigurnosti, te zaštite okoliša.

ISO Certificates

The company ĐĐ Montaža Izolak has noticed, from the very beginning, how important the quality of work is in the world of entrepreneurship for conquering the market and winning customers. That was one of the reasons why the company ĐĐ Montaža Izolak d.o.o. started, already at the beginning of year 2000, to prepare and introduce work according to ISO 9001, and that same year it was certified by an independent institution, receiving a certificate of applicability of the standard better known as ISO 9001. The organization is certified by an independent institution according to ISO 14001: 2004 and ISO 45001: 2018.

Environmental and safety quality policy

Bisnode certificates

A credit rating of excellence represents an above-average creditworthiness of a business entity. It is based on the entity’s financial statements pertaining to the last business year and predicts the security of its operations in the following 12 months as well as a low probability of blocking of its transaction account. Creditworthiness is awarded by the Bisnode AB Group, founded in 1998, based in Stockholm, which is the largest European provider of business and creditworthiness information and which brings together more than 2,500 experts from 17 European countries. Bisnode’s analytical teams use annual financial reports and other dynamic data processed by classical methods, as well as by applying their own specific methodology, to render analyses of the entity’s business operations at several levels and by various segments.

Our partners

We have been working with companies around the world for many years, creating strong relationships in the long run based on a strategic approach, flexibility, the highest level of professionalism, and years-long experience.

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