ĐĐ Montaža Izolak d.o.o. bases its success on high quality standards that are reflected in the way we manage people – we are a company that cares about its people. Working at ĐĐ MI means working in a stimulating work environment for motivated, capable and educated individuals. Our employees have the opportunity and obligation of constant and continuous development and education, and we believe that investing in employees’ education is a prerequisite for our success in the market.

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We are aware of the responsibility that we have for creating a healthy and motivating work atmosphere that stimulates top results; therefore, we make significant efforts to develop a company culture that encourages results-oriented approach, teamwork and cooperation, respect, and commitment to work.


Possibility to work at home and abroad. Attractive income and the possibility of advancement. Strict adherence to worker safety measures!
Become part of a reputable company with an international reputation and decades of experience!

We offer the possibility of employment and training and internal training for the following jobs:

  • Insulator – tailor (industrial sheet metal processor)
  • Insulator – fitter
  • Chamotte technician

We ask from you:

• responsible and professional approach to work

• motivation to work

For all additional information related to the selection process, practical work and other forms of cooperation, write to us at