Đuro Đaković Montaža – Izolak d.o.o. Company for design, production, installation and foreign trade operations operates in accordance with legal regulations on personal data protection, especially in accordance with the General Regulation on Data Protection (EU Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27.04. 2016) and the Law on the Implementation of the General Regulation on Data Protection. Below we inform you what personal data we collect, for what purposes we use it and how you can monitor these procedures and exercise your rights.

Manager and/or executor of personal data processing

Đuro Đaković Montaža – Izolak d.o.o. za projektiranje, proizvodnju, montažu i vanjskotrgovinsko poslovanje
(Company for design, production, installation, and foreign trade operations)

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Purposes and legal basis of personal data processing

3.1. Đuro Đaković Montaža – Izolak d.o.o. collects personal data directly from you for the purpose of concluding and executing contracts/buying and selling products and providing services, as well as during actions that precede concluding contracts (offers, inquiries and/or requests within the process of ordering products or services, sending inquiries or requests related to our products or services), or on another legal basis.

We use personal data only for established purposes and do not pass it on or use it for unforeseen or unexpected purposes.

We also collect personal data when you make it available to us, for example by sending an e-mail, and in similar situations in which you have chosen to provide us with data.

3.2. When you want to sign a contract with Đuro Đaković Montaža – Izolak d.o.o., make a request for an offer, request our services and whenever you enter into a contractual or business relationship with Đuro Đaković Montaža – Izolak d.o.o. we process your personal data to provide you with the service i.e. in order to enable you to use of our products in accordance with your request or to respond to your request. When placing your request for the purchase of products or provision of services, or when entering into a contractual relationship with Đuro Đaković Montaža – Izolak d.o.o., you will be informed about the type of information that you are obligated to provide to us for the purpose of fulfilling your request, i.e. concluding and executing the contract. We do not collect or process data that does not serve to perform the requested service.

The personal data we collect for the purposes stated in this point may include, for example, name, address, PIN and others.

3.3. Đuro Đaković Montaža – Izolak d.o.o. may also ask you for consent for processing of your data for one or several special purposes that are not, by their ultimate purpose, a precondition for the execution of the contract or a legal obligation of Đuro Đaković Montaža – Izolak d.o.o., or they are not necessary for the conclusion and execution of the contract or they are not in your legitimate interest (e.g., for the purpose of marketing activities, offering new products and services, etc.). You are not obligated to give consent for such processing, but you are free to give it, and you can withdraw it at any time, provided that this does not affect the lawfulness of the processing based on the consent given before it has been withdrawn.

The request for consent will be presented to you in such a way that it can be clearly distinguished from other issues, in an understandable and easily accessible form using clear and simple language.

3.4. Đuro Đaković Montaža – Izolak d.o.o. as a legal entity is, naturally, a subject to legal obligations which may correspondingly prescribe the obligation to process data in order to fulfil purposes stipulated by law. In that case, Đuro Đaković Montaža – Izolak d.o.o. performs the processing of your personal data on the basis of the legal basis stipulated by law.

3.5. Our information systems are protected by technical and organizational measures from unauthorized access, modification or transfer of your data, as well as from possible loss or deletion.


Recipients of personal data

4.1. The data we have collected from you and about you remains in the databases of Đuro Đaković Montaža – Izolak d.o.o.

Your data may be provided to third parties:

  1. a) when it is our legal obligation or in response to legal proceedings, or at the request of the competent law enforcement institutions relating to misdemeanour, criminal or other proceedings
  2. b) to protect our rights, privacy, security, property or to protect the public interest
  3. c) for administrative or technical support (e.g., to our accounting service providers, delivery services, etc.) or for other business purposes to facilitate transactions with you
  4. d) to analyse our data, conduct mobile analytics services or maintain and improve our services (subject to confidentiality agreements, if applicable)
  5. e) for the purpose of filing appropriate legal remedies and/or responding to legal requests to which we may be exposed
  6. f) to fulfil the terms of any Agreement or business relationship with you
  7. h) in other cases, with your consent.

4.2. Personal data may be transferred to another legal entity in the event of transfer, change of ownership, reorganization or merger of the company or part of the company Đuro Đaković Montaža – Izolak d.o.o. or its assets to another company.

4.3. We may disclose your personal information to members of the group, to third parties, service providers or subcontractors. These service providers may be located in a country other than your home country, such as the United States or a member state of the European Union. These service providers are contractually obliged to maintain the confidentiality and security of your data.

4.4. In cases of data sharing with third parties, Đuro Đaković Montaža – Izolak d.o.o. will prohibit these parties from using your personal data for any purpose other than the agreed one and will obligate the business partner to maintain the confidentiality of personal data.


Period of storage of personal data

5.1. The period of storage and storage of your data depends on the type/category of data, the purpose for which they were collected and the laws or legal obligations to which Đuro Đaković Montaža – Izolak d.o.o. is subject. We retain personal data for as long as required by law or as long as necessary in order to provide the requested service or to perform the service or purpose for which you have given consent, unless otherwise provided by law (e.g., in connection with ongoing court proceedings).

5.2. Data related to legal obligations Đuro Đaković Montaža – Izolak d.o.o. are stored for the period prescribed by the relevant laws – e.g., the obligation and period of storage of invoices and accounting documents (which also contain your data) is prescribed by the Accounting Act.

5.3. Data for which the laws or other regulations do not prescribe a retention period shall be stored for a reasonable period, taking into account the category of data and the purpose for which they were collected. Data collected for a specific purpose will only be used for that purpose and will no longer be actively stored after a reasonable period of time has elapsed and after that purpose has been fulfilled. Anonymized data can be used for statistical and marketing purposes, archiving purposes and other analytical purposes. When providing this data, you will be acquainted with the retention period, i.e., the criteria according to which the retention period of this data is determined.

Subject’s rights

6.1. With regard to the processing of your personal data, we provide you with the following rights:

(i) the right of access to personal data

(ii) the right to rectify or complement the data

(iii) the right to delete the data (forgetting the data)

(iv) the right to restrict processing

(v) the right to object to the processing of personal data

(vi) the right to data portability

6.2. You can submit a request for exercising your rights from the previous point via e-mail address: We will process your requests and inquiries without undue delay and in accordance with legal obligations, and we will inform you about the measures we have taken.

6.3. In order to exercise and protect their rights, the user has the right to file a complaint to the supervisory body – the Agency for Personal Data Protection at Martićeva ulica 14, Zagreb.

Use of the Website

You can view and use our website anonymously, since on that occasion no data is collected that would enable your identification as an individual, and you are not obligated to provide us with your personal data as a condition to use the website.

When using our website, data may be stored for various security reasons. Such information may include the name of your ISP, the website through which you linked to our website, the websites you visited from our website, and your IP address. The stated data can be used for statistical purposes, but at the same time we ensure the anonymization of each user, so that person cannot be identified.

By entering personal data in the fields provided for this purpose on the website, you confirm that you have voluntarily made your personal data available and that you allow them to be used for the purpose for which they were given.